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Since meeting, Nathan and Gracelynn have talked of traveling. Instead of taking time off here and there, we have decided to take our life on the road. With our trusty Dainty Dane, Magda, we are leaving our mortgage, our lawn mower and 1,700 square foot 100 year old house in Oklahoma City behind in exchange for a 200 square foot home on wheels.

Follow us on our adventure as we get rid of a house load of stuff and take our lives on the road.

Nathan and Gracelynn Lorenz

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Waffle Iron Treats in a RV

Before we sold our house, Nathan and I loved to cook together. At night, when we would both get home from work, one would prep while the other would cook. On anniversaries or dinners, one would cook for the other. Cooking together has been a special part of our...
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Marfa, Texas

Marfa was nothing short than a complete surprise. When I was last out in this country, Marfa was still unknown as the art community it had already become. To us, it was a small county seat out in the high desert, just one of those places to pass through to get down to...
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Austin, Texas

Off to the big city in the Airstream. I’m more of the wilderness type and Grace is definitely more the city girl so we try to mix it up with our travel locations. However, Austin is definitely a location we can both agree on. The curse of the urban RV visit is that...
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McKinney Falls State Park

Urban RV camping can be a disappointing experience. Crowded sites, parking lot aesthetics, bright lighting, and really, all of the things that can ruin a sense of home. Thankfully, when visiting Austin, you have another option with McKinney Falls State Park. Only ten...
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On The Road Again, Dallas and Beaumont

So, we are finally on the road again and it feels great. We needed some time in Oklahoma to get our affairs in order and to spend much wanted time with friends and family. However, we were certainly ready to get back out on this new adventure of ours. We started off...
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Village Creek State Park

We spent a week at this delightful small park on the outskirts of Beaumont, Texas in the suburb of Lumberton. While much of the park was severely damaged by recent flooding, great steps have been made in restoring the park and all of the electric/water spots are open....
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The Vineyards Campground and Cabins

We were in Grapevine for a business trip and needed somewhere relatively central to stay for a few days. The Vineyards Campground and Cabins were perfect for our needs. While right in the middle of Grapevine and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, you can almost believe...
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On Being Stationary

After the somewhat frantic out and back travel we did for the first three months in the Airstream, we were ready for a break. While we were enjoying the sights, having to head out to a location for only a week or two before heading back to Oklahoma was getting a...
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Travel Catchup Post

Falling behind is always my terror in blogging. I'll get busy, things come up and the next thing I know I'm a couple of months behind on posts. I then feel overwhelmed with the amount of writing I have to do to get caught up mixed with guilt of not doing what I need...
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Upper Teton View

This is the sort of spot you dream about when you start thinking about RV travel. Admittedly, it’s not a secret, but with plenty of room for everyone, this is a spot not to be missed. And even though you won’t be alone, compared to many of the other campgrounds in the...
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