This week has been a totally chaotic week for Nathan and I. Nathan not only has been getting over this nasty upper respiratory infection; he has also been busy with work projects. I have had so many projects come up this week with Fore & Aft Design that I can’t seem to clear my schedule long enough to even think about posting new items to sell or marking anything off our “putting the house on the market” list.  Magda isn’t the only one worn out, and it’s only WEDNESDAY!


Fore & Aft Design is a company that Nathan and I started two years ago. I worked in the newspaper industry as a layout designer and copy editor for years. After the newspaper industry shrank, I tried to find my niche in Oklahoma City for my skill set but discovered that I had to either move outside OKC or create something for myself. After talking to a few people that needed help setting up social media and/or websites, I found I not only enjoyed the work but I have a knack for it. After building up some clientele and picking up some technical writing gigs, I quit my 9-5 job last year to work at Fore & Aft Design full time. Nathan loves what he does for a living, so I don’t foresee him breaking away from his career anytime soon but I appreciate his technical input, eye for detail and paperwork expertise. We both work from home a great deal, so I think on the road the hardest parts will be mobile internet and space for both of us to work. I’m willing to try to be as flexible as possible.

I think our goal of putting our house on the market is shifting and changing from April 1 to May 1. I need to get some work projects wrapped up before starting to tackle the great kid paperwork shift and online garage sale. I think we will have an estate sale mid-April! Stay tuned if you are in Oklahoma and we will let you know more details!


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