Open House went really well yesterday. Our realtor said so many wonderful, curious people came by.  We have had wonderful feedback and interest overall. Before each showing, I want to write the potential buyers a note.

It would say:

Hello, potential Linwood Place resident! We love our 1916 home, the neighborhood and this city and we hope you do too. Please do not judge us on the sparse furnishings we have left, for you see, we are about to embark on this tremendous journey. So, our plaid loveseat with a brown drab couch cover, fraying rug and mismatched furniture are all we had left from our estate sale.


Our bed is clean, tidy and neutral. But our real coverlet, lovingly made from pieces of my wedding dress, is in storage awaiting our Airstream bed’s measurements before completion.


This is a home that my husband’s parents carefully and brilliantly restored from shag carpet. My father-in-law is a master carpenter and built the library with tremendous skill and patience (and I’m sure a glass or two of celebratory wine, once the job was complete). We hope that you are a reader and potentially work from home because the library is a wonderful place to be every day. There is nothing like working in a room full of books, music and family photos. The 100-year-old pine floors are gloriously well-worn and we love them that way. Many family meals, both large and for two, holiday and every day, were cooked, baked, broiled and stewed on the O’Keefe and Merritt vintage stove and enjoyed in the dining room.


The front bushes look very unexciting. But, every year they explode into tiny little white flowers (called bridal veil). The bloom explosion always has signified Spring is here.


There is a rose bush in the front yard that many people have tried to kill but it survives. The rose bush won and it’s even more beautiful when it blooms. We have two more ancient rose bushes in the back that also explode once a year and sometimes twice if we are lucky.


We created the keyhole garden and last year we ate well from the tomatoes and peppers. It’s easily removable but we hope it stays and someone will lovingly taste the peppers planted and develop a rich compost.


We are so excited to embark on this journey. We also recognize that the family that will purchase our home will embark on their own journey of learning all of the things we have absorbed over the years of living here and maybe add more.


I hope the memories are like the ones I have. One of my favorite memories is sitting on the front porch (on chairs my husband’s family built), while enjoying French Press coffee with my husband by my side watching the world.

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