It’s hard to believe that next month, we will be living in about 200 square feet! I have made my list of to do items before we start this next phase. One of the priorities is to take one last bath in our claw foot tub. It’s hard to say when I will have the opportunity next for a long, hot soak in such a deep tub.


Another item on my to do list is to take a dip or two in my aunt’s pool which is a block away. I’m kicking myself for not doing this earlier.  I’m ready to add some relaxation time to balance out all of the hard work we have done on the house and getting caught up with Fore & Aft Design clients.

Not only is next month a transitional time for our lives but it’s also the month I will turn 40. 40!

Collage of House Numbers Forty

Middle aged. Well, I hope it’s middle age. The past 39 years and 11 months have gone by so quickly. I hope to be able to make it to 80 years old. I hope Nathan is there with me enjoying grand kids and weaving tall tales and adventures. I’ve just decided that it’s time to live our dreams now. I’m ready to write books, blog (maybe even vlog), see the world and spend precious time with my children, husband, family and friends. I’m ready to have a better work/life balance. Giggle more. I’m letting go of the only thing that has been holding me back from living my dreams. My own worry wort self. We are not going into this with a reckless spirit but with an excitement of the unexpected, loads of hard work and number crunch-ridden planning.

This transition from a sticks and bricks to a life on the road will be interesting. I’m excited what’s to come. It’s scary. It’s wonderful. I am thrilled to have such an amazing partner on this ride of a lifetime.

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