When we arrived in Lakewood, New Jersey on July 12, 2016 to pick up our Airstream, we had a couple of hours to sit down and work before we were able to pick up our new home. So, we searched for a coffee shop and found, The French Press at 95 E Kennedy Blvd in Lakewood, NJ. They were still receiving shipments of furniture and were barely open when we arrived. We settled into a spot and the friendly proprietor suggested brews custom to our tastes. We left with a bag of Brazillian Daterra Estate beans.  As we settled in to our new home on wheels, we also settled in to this delicious coffee. It was rich with a slight almond nuttiness with a creamy finish. We were devastated when we finished the bag. Their coffee is available online.

Brew method: French Press
Taste Notes: Almond nuttiness with a creamy finish

Coffee Review

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