Before Nathan and I left town to go get our shiny new home on wheels in July, I paid a visit to my clients and friends at Leap Coffee Roasters for official business and official coffee drinking business. Nathan and I both adore their coffee and the people (Gary, Eric and Kari). Leap Coffee Roasters recently launched a new artist series where they support local artists by having them design a label for a coffee inspired by the artist. So, I picked up militant optimist. militant optimist is a blended, medium-roast coffee that has a sweet, smooth finish. militant optimist is inspired by romy owens, who is an Oklahoma City-based artist and curator that creates fantastical fiber arts pieces. Read more about her, here.


Nathan and I made the militant optimist with our 34 oz. Stainless Steel French Press. It was delicious and gave us that just right giddy up and go to get us through the first weeks of tiny, shiny house living. But… I do have a confession. So, during the whole selling our stuff, we sold our coffee grinder. It was electric and we were going to pick up a hand grinder but just couldn’t get around to picking out just the right one. So, we had the kind folks at Leap grind our coffee for us and they didn’t judge us at all. They even recommended what grinder to get! We kept it in an airtight container and it was still really delicious at the beginning and end of our militant optimist supply. It inspired us to try other coffees from around the U.S. as we travel. Stay tuned for more… coffee reviews!

Brewing Method: French Press
Grind: Leap Coffee Roasters grinder- medium coarse
Taste Notes: Nutty, smooth, slight acid


Note: Leap Coffee Roasters is a client of Fore & Aft design. I was not paid for this advertisement or asked to write it. I really just love their coffee.


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