We have sold our house and close next week! Which means…

We will be leaving Oklahoma the first week of July to go pick up our Airstream. Nathan is taking a week off and we are going to drive up to New Jersey (so far… that’s the plan). We are going to head immediately back, pick a nice place to plug in while we kit out our new home in the latest gadgets that will help us stay connected on the road. Since we will both be working on the road, internet preparation is an absolute priority. I have to back away from the organizational supplies and cute tablecloths. I’m not allowed to Pinterest any more until we get our gear in place. Seriously… no more Pins!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.21.09 PM

Our general plan is to travel on the weekends, park for a week and work during that week and explore after work. We are planning an Oklahoma Bon Voyage party at some point in July (also Grace’s 40th birthday celebration), so friends and family can come and take a look at our tiny home before we take off.

Bon Voyage - travel concept in vintage letterpress wood type blocks stained by color inks

Many of you have asked… where to first? I think we will probably be leaving late July, so as close to 70 degree weather as we can get. Colorado? New Mexico? We have some spots generally selected. We need to come back into Oklahoma City for a week out of every month for appointments and client care. So, we can’t go too terribly far for right now. But, it will give Magda (and us) a chance to acclimate ourselves to mobile living. We are so excited!




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